At The Denture Clinic, we offer custom mouthguard for all sports, ages, and oral issues. Mixed dentition, braces, retainers and gaps in teeth can all be catered for with our custom mouthguards.

Our mouthguards are created using a mould of your teeth taken by our qualified dental practitioners. 


All work is created in-house to construct your custom-fitted mouthguard. This allows for excellent quality control, following OHS standards and infection control guidelines outlined by AHPRA (Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency).

Our custom-fitted mouthguards provide an excellent fit which is superior to over-the-counter style mouthguards, and provide better results than DIY mouthguard kits in which you take your own moulds.

Compared to conventional over the counter mouth guards, our mouthguards provide the wearer with:

 - Clearer speech

 - Uninhibited Breathing

 - Excellent retention

 - Added comfort

 - Custom appearance​

 - Lower teeth imprint into the mouthguard for stability, comfort, and added protection.

We offer a wide range of colours and patterns to match team colours, and individual choice.

Mouthguard thickness is based on the individuals age and needs.