Denture and Dental Implant Gallery

New Top Full Denture, Implant Retained Bottom Full Denture

This patient preferred eating on their right side due to a history of their lower dentures moving excessively, causing continual sore spots. As a result, her previous dentures were all worn down excessively on the right side. After 2 implants were placed on her lower jaw, and a new set of premium dentures were constructed, the patient was then able to chew on both sides of her mouth, and was able to bite into her food with greater comfort and ease, as the lower implants helped stabilize the full lower denture.


New Top Full Denture

This is a clear reason why one should not attempt to repair their own dentures.

Unfortunately, this patient used regular glue from their local hardware store to repair a denture which snapped in half, creating a potentially poisonous, misaligned denture which was then unsuitable for use. A new full top denture and a partial lower denture was constructed. The new dentures then restored the patients bite, allowing him to eat without fear of the denture breaking again, as well as correcting the aesthetics which is previous denture left him with.


New Top Partial Metal Denture

This gentleman was referred to us by their local dentist in order to construct and issue a new partial top denture. The patient was suffering from worn down front teeth due to years of missing their back teeth and not being able to eat easily. A metal partial denture was made to provide the patient with the back teeth which he was missing, helping him to not only chew his food with ease, but to take the excessive load off his top front teeth.


New Top Partial Temporary Denture

A missing front tooth can blemish your smile.

A few options were discussed for this patient, and it was decided that his long term plan was to have a Dental Implant placed, with a crown restoration as a permanent, non removable solution. Whilst waiting for the Dental Implant to integrate with the patients bone, we fitted the patient with a temporary denture to replace his missing front tooth.


New Top and Bottom Full Dentures

An uneven smile, front teeth which constantly fell out of a poorly constructed denture, and an ill fitting lower denture were rectified by constructing a new set of standard dentures. ​

The patients simple requests of no gaps between the teeth, and a comfortable lower denture were met with ease.