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Denture Relines


A well-fitting denture will help you eat, speak and function with minimal issues. Your gums naturally shrink over time but can be accelerated by weight loss, recent tooth extractions, or ill-fitting dentures. If your dentures cause soreness or are loose, a denture reline may be needed.

A denture reline fills the gaps between the denture and your receded gums to ensure a nice tight fit! An oral examination at The Denture Clinic will assist in choosing the correct material for a reline for a full denture. At times, the gums may be too damaged to accept a standard hard acrylic base, and therefore a soft silicone base is recommended.

Going to a dentist in order to have a denture reline is not only a costly exercise but a timely one too.  Dental surgeries generally send the denture away to a dental laboratory in order to have the denture relined. This process can take days!

At The Denture Clinic, we are equipped to see patients who need denture relines on short notice. As we have an onsite dental laboratory, we are able to reline dentures in minimal time, generally the same day to ensure you are able to keep smiling.