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Implant Supported Dentures

Implant supported dentures are screwed into implants and are only able to be removed by a dentist. A slight space exists between the gum and the denture to allow for cleaning, but its small size allows the denture to cover less of your gums.

Dental implants have a high clinical success rate of over 98% and patients who have opted for implant assisted dentures or bridges, often comment how similar eating and speaking with them feel to their own natural teeth.

  • Although implant supported dentures are generally more expensive, they work well for people with soft jawbones as the denture and fixtures are used to connect all the implants together, making them stronger. Some benefits of implant supported dentures include:
  • Eliminating ulcers, blisters or sore gums caused by excessive movement of a denture as an implant supported denture is fixed to the implants, and rests on the implants and not on your gums.
  • The denture does not rub or move causing ulcers, blisters or sore gums.
  • Covers less of your mouth, enabling more room for your tongue, cheeks and lips
  • Excellent results compared to standard full arch dentures
  • Gives you the ability to eat a wider variety of food.
  • The main drawbacks of an implant supported denture is that it can only be removed by a dentist therefore a dedicated cleaning regime is needed, a notable price increase over an implant retained denture, as well as a full lip and cheek appearance not being possible due to its size.